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Love is a (Large) Thing Physical on a Bespoke Curdled Chain



Love is a (Large) Thing Physical on a Bespoke Curdled Chain

Largest of hearts, the Love is a Thing Physical is a love heart shaped locket held together through magnetic force. The locket can physically hold and protect something of value, sentimental or physical, or simply act as a vessel to later fill or empty. Inspired through a lover's changing forms.


Approximate measurements:

Locket: 7x7cm / 2¾" x 2¾" 

Chain: 48cm / 19"


The locket is formed on one side with a poem by Jago Rackham.

On the other side of the heart is an engraving based on a drawing of three figures circling one another by Lowena Hearn.


Shown here in recycled sterling silver (925), baroque and freshwater cultured pearls.


The Bespoke Curdled Chain 45cm (21")  is comprised of unique metal forms cast from wax, available with or without baroque pearl interlinks dependent on your preference.


Poem reads:

Love became a thing physical, 

shaped and weighted like

a pebble from a stony beach

nestled in a warmhot cheek.

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