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Metallic Bio-Resin Box of Days



Metallic Bio-Resin Box of Days

Ready to ship worldwide immediately from Perth, Australia

Only 4 editions available, last of the 2019-2022 Box of Days editions in bio-resin


A box containing 8 smaller boxes including 7 days of the week to track daily storage of items for personal, medical, or whatever use desired. Made in mind to provide remedy to daily ritual.


Each bio-resin Box of Days are cast in moulds and left to cure for 3 to 4 days. Post-production finishing is done to ensure each edition is of precise detail. A metal connector rod is used to connect each each of the 8 small Daily pieces to the large resin base, forming the final Box's form. Neodymium magnets are then fitted to create secure closures for each lid. Finally, each box is varnished with a medical-grade shellac coat (the same substance used in medical capsules).


Approximate Dimensions 11 x 8 x 4 cm.


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