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Double the Love Ring



Double the Love Ring

The Love is a (small) Thing Physical locket on love hearted ring.


The Love is a Thing Physical is a love heart shaped locket held together through magnetic force. The locket can physically hold and protect something of value, sentimental or physical, or simply act as a vessel to later fill or empty. Inspired through a lover's changing forms.


Prices for customisation

Custom inscription: + £40

Custom raised lettering: + £40


If you are interested in setting a custom stone in your locket please email


Approximate measurements:

Locket: 2x2cm / ⅞"x ⅞"


Inscription on back of locket reads: Love became a thing physical

From original poem by Jago Rackham.


Love became a thing physical,
shaped and weighted like
a pebble from a stony beach
nestled in a warmhot cheek.

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