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Latch’d Case With Chain



Latch’d Case With Chain

A storage case on 80cm silver ball necklace with engraving: fits mini-bic lighter, or other mini-sized lighter upon request.


“If it is a human thing to do to put something you want, because it’s useful, edible, or beautiful, into a bag, or a basket, or a bit of rolled bark or leaf, or a net woven of your own hair, or what have you, and then take it home with you, home being another, larger kind of pouch or bag, a container for people, and then later on you take it out and eat it or share it or store it up for winter in a solider container or put it in the medicine bundle or the shrine or the museum, the holy place, the area that contains what is sacred, and then the next day you probably do much the same again—if to do that is human, if that’s what it takes, then I am a human being after all. Fully, freely, gladly, for the first time....”

- Ursula LeGuin, Carrier Bag of Fiction


The Vessel collection is made of pieces that have been crafted to protect or store a desired object.


The Latch’d Case comes with an 80cm delicate ball chain necklace. It features a chamber that can be sealed shut with a combination of magnets and friction.


Each Vessel is inscribed with a poem inspired by theobjects eventual use.


Vessel Pieces are inscribed with The Reverie as standard.


The Reverie Poem reads:


Lend your fire only with care as

the root 

the flame burn'd through the will


born only in this fired hearth


The reverie of a familiar ache

finger pressur'd touch to

move the soil in bitter ground

to scorch only by your hand.

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